XL “Box of Chocolates” Crystal Bundle 1

XL “Box of Chocolates” Crystal Bundle 1

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Listing is for the exact box with the exact crystals. Retail for this box if every item was sold individually would be $260+! All purchases final, please read shop policies before purchasing. These bundles will ship within a week. 

Contents included:


Amethyst heart cluster

Flower agate egg

Peach Moonstone bracelet

Purple Labradorite Palm

Flower agate cherub

Rose Quartz sphere

Labradorite heart

Garnet Sphere

Flower agate sphere

Fluorite full moon sphere

Ocean Jasper sphere

Old stock Ocean Jasper tumble

Polychrome heart

Quartz sphere

Aquamarine star

Fluorite sun

Lodolite Freeform

Ammonite half

Obsidian worry stone

Peach stilbite cluster

Hematoid Quartz heart

Honey calcite sphere

Dendritic opal heart

Chevron Amethyst DT

Set of 5 mushrooms

Ocean Jasper Palm

Rainbow obsidian sphere

Aragonite cluster

Mini amethyst cut base